introducing a new service!

this year we have found this service in demand.

It is transcription service of your archive hand written documents or books.  We are currently offer this serve to a small number of our customers. 

  • Now we are ready to make it a service offering
  • At this time the service cost is a between $25.00 and $50.00 per hour.
  • There are restriction on the level of quality based on the quality of the scanned item.
  • Based on the quality of the original paper record. 

If you are interested in this service please contact myself or Kim.

 At this time the oldest book we have transcribed is a hand       written transcription of aRevolutionary War Diarythat was re-written by the person great-grandson in 1840. 

The original Diary was written from 1774 to 1784.

Page 22
they at last will be eternally miserable…Again I say, there is no one happy in this life if they are ever so prosperous, though some will say if they was well off as such a one they should be happy, but mark this, Providence generally mingles such a quantity of bitterness with the sweets of prosperity, that it will not suffer us to think ourselves independent. If it was not for that we should soon forget our mortality and give no praise to the Great Giver of all things…There ought to be always, caution, prudence and consideration, and in prosperity, and never forget our Creator, and the Giver of it, and at the same time when we enjoy much, we ought to think how little we deserve it, and in adversity be content considering it be the will of God, who knows the hearts of the children of men, and pointeth out all things for their good. Yet we ought not to throw by everything and commend ourselves entirely to the hands of Providence, for we may as well expect that God will make us rich without our care and industry, and also make us good without our own endeavors. But we must seek before we can find and knock; before its of the Gospel and the Holy Scripturearagraph here.