Integrity Resources & Imaging Services, LLC has always provided the Historic Vehicle Association with the highest quality output for our scanning needs.  In addition, Eileen and her staff provide professional and personal attention to ensuring that we are 100% satisfied.  Integrity is our only resource for our scanning needs and will remain as such.  

​      Mark Gessler - President of Historical Vehicle Association




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Dear Eileen & Staff, Just a note to say thank you so much for your efforts to pick up our project and finish it on time.  I understand that you put in extra hours to meet our deadline, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it!

     Kristen - Scranton University

​"As a collection specializing in Amish & Mennonite history, one of our most significant volumes is a Sammelband that includes the world's only known copy of the first (1564) edition of the Ausbund, the hymn collection still used by Old Order Amish today.  We received a gift to undertake much-needed conservation work on the paper and binding of this volume. Conservator Jeff Peachey's work required him to completely disbind the volume.  We contracted with Eileen George at IRIS Resources to produce high-quality digital images of the volume's content before the freshly cleaned and strengthened leaves would be rebound.  Given the significance of the volume our expectations for digital product were high.  IRIS Resources presented the description of services to be rendered at what cost in clear fashion.  After receiving the disbound leaves, Eileen George and her staff prepared sample scans from different parts of the volume.  The image content in the initial sample was entirely satisfactory.  However, we asked for and received various adjustments (some quite tedious), in alignment, cropping, and borders.  IRIS Resources graciously met and exceeded our requests for these adjustments.  We are fully satisfied with the digital files they delivered.  The charges for their work conformed to our initial expectations and are well-justified by the results. We are glad to be able to have these images at-hand for multiple future purposes."   

​      Joe Springer, Curator - Mennonite Historical Library - Goshen College

I partnered with Eileen and her team in 2014.  Most of our business together has been business to business in nature.  They have always performed above my expectations. 
One project I brought to them was very personal in nature – my dad had passed away and us daughters were left with love letters my dad had written to my mom while he was in Vietnam and on other maneuvers separating them from one another, while my mom was state-side with us daughters.  I brought them to her in a battered box which had stood the time of over forty years, in their original envelopes.  My goal was to have them scanned so each daughter would have a digital diary of their love and life together which was hidden from their girls.  What we received in return was magnificent!  The team took the time to carefully unfold and catalog each envelope with each letter, done by date.  When I was given the final product, I was in tears of joy – when the team learned the story behind the letters, they took it upon themselves to take additional steps in making sure true love was preserved and documented for the family.  Now the goal is to take those letters and write their story – and once we have done that as a family, we will be back at Eileen’s door for their expertise in publishing my parents journey for the grandchildren to read. 
Whether your project is business, preservation or personal – there is no one I would trust more than the Iris team!
     Tina Paradiso - President of We're Forms